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Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Fortunately, partial power only corrupts partially.

Desire begets unhappiness. Unhappiness begets desire. Recurse.

Nothing dies a more beautiful death than a faulty ideal.

Ignorant people lack introspection, choosing instead to focus on retrospection as a tool for circumspection.

Infinity is the logical conclusion of endless recursion. Definity is the logical conclusion of limited creativity. Divinity is the irreconcilable acceptance of both.

The difference between hope and desire is degree of want and strength of expectation.

The key to happiness is low expectations for goals in which you don't have full control, high expectations for goals in which you have complete control.

I know very little, and the more I know, the less I understand and the less I understand the more I crave to know.

Desire is the noose around happiness. Hope is the is a bondage of those unsatisfied.

Justice is limited in this lifetime. If you crave justice, revert to Islam and pray that Muhammad isn't pulling your leg.

What should stain our conscious most is not the evil for which we didn't act, but the evil which we willfully remained ignorant of.

Happiness is inversely proportionate to the amount of energy you expend searching for it.

A person who values integrity over reason if often a victim.

A coward is a person who attempts to live another man's dreams.

The profit motive is a simple mechanism for justifying the subjugation of humans.

When cornered, man will starve for principle and kill for food.

Ownership is greed's first move.

Freedom is rejection of known outcomes.

The uninformed tend to disagree the loudest while the quiet are paralyzed by confusion.

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