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Humanity has fractured resulting in the emergence of the constitutionally protected Homo beatus species, a Superclass of humans defined by their extreme wealth and nearly infinite level of scientifically-proven motivation. When society begins to crumble under the weight of social inequality, absurdity becomes the norm as citizens scramble to find meaning and happiness in a world gone mad. Seven people from across the social strata give a personal account of how to persevere in the worst of times. One's wife moonlights as a prostitute to afford her mounting religious debts, a politician achieves immortality through a pedophilia addiction and a impoverished orphan finds peace and contentment in nihilism.

Narrated from seven meticulously interconnected perspectives, th!s aims to overshoot in its attempt to find reason in a perfectly irrational world. Only through an exploration of philosophy, science, technology, economics and religion can readers understand how citizens cope inside an inverted totalitarian society.

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