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praise for Where's Unimportant

"This excellent first novel about a young man’s downward spiral again proves that independent writers produce books with quality as high as anything produced by the big commercial publishers. It also tells a story that commercial companies shy away from. Daniel Shortell is not the kind of New York-based author with a huge following, living in stylish digs and making excuses to his publisher. This is someone we can all identify with: a young man struggling to make his way in a highly competitive corporate culture, learning by making every possible mistake."

"About 30% into the book it dawned on me that this is similar to a modern day Babbit (Sinclair Lewis) where the middleman’s life on the outside seems perfect, but as you learn the workings of the inner character, far from it. I like deep, yet entertaining books. This fits the bill."

"I enjoyed Where's Unimportant. [the book] is painfully honest and it forces the reader to reflect on their own life and to wonder about what's important. If you're looking for a book that really makes you think or one that pulls back the veneer of the world today, Where's Unimportant is the perfect read... This thought-provoking book empowers the reader to step back and reflect on their own decisions, the direction of their life, and what it all means, while watching Jack fall apart. It is a rather disturbing read but one well worth it!

"Where's Unimportant' is a smart, sarcastic exploration of the life of Jack Addington...Mr. Shortell's writing style is what kept me returning to the story. His descriptions are vivid and his use of the English language results in a flowing, lyrical prose...It is a book that invites introspection and discussion...[the ending] is explosive!"

"I did enjoy reading this book which turned out to be a very thought-provoking, yet at times amusingly sarcastic book. However, I do have to say that it isn't something you would want to or expect to read to just pass the time whilst travelling or on the beach. It is a book that I think most people would read over an extended period, slowly digesting and questioning the various points the novel makes. Specifically I think the book is something I would recommend to be read as part of a book club where you can actually discuss and debate the novel's various aspects with other people."

"...Shortell's writing sucks you in...This book definitely made me a little introspective of myself...Bottom line: This is a story that will probably make you think even after you get to the end of the book.

"Reading this novel feels as if you are the unwilling prisoner of a very depressed mind...You can’t help but feel for the character, as he is sadly desperate in a way that too many can relate."

"With unfortunate humor, "Where's Unimportant" is a novel of the hopelessness and failure of the modern American dream."

"[The book] started out great and peaked my interest from the start because I could relate to Jack's feelings about his job...I would love to read a sequel."

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